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Elimane Kane

Living in: Dakar, Senegal
Nationality: Senegalese
Twitter: @ElimaneH


Video: Elimane talks about the AFSEE programme
Video: Elimane sur le programme AFSEE

Elimane currently works for OXFAM as a governance expert, after having been in charge of the Livelihoods and Governance regional portfolio for Oxfam Novib in West Africa. Before this, he was the Executive Director of Forum Civil, the Senegalese chapter of Transparency International.

Elimane is founder and Chairman of LEGS-Africa, a pan-African think-tank based in Dakar. He was also CEO and co-founder of The Panafrican Institute ISAF-KAngfore in Mbour, Senegal from 2009 to 2011.

He has experience as both a consultant and trainer, and has participated in several international anti-corruption meetings and special courses in human rights, extractive industries, climate change, multi-stakeholders processes, social learning, governance and responsible business practises.

He has basic training in social sciences (psychology, sociology of development) and holds an MSc in project management. He also has international certificates in human rights (IHRTP-Equitas-Montreal-Canada) and international development (CDI, Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands).


Personal statement

"Inequality is my concern. The focus of my career is facing the causes of inequalities in Senegal and, by implementing a relevant governance program, dealing with poverty, economic inequity, and domestic resource mobilization.

As head of a governance program, my daily work is to promote and enhance the ability of citizens, and particularly those of youth and women:

  1. to challenge public policies

  2. to work with civil society organizations for transparency and access to economic information

  3. to organise public platforms for social accountability, fiscal justice and budget monitoring to reduce inequality by enhancing national revenues from domestic resource mobilisation and social expenditures from budget allocations system.

I applied to the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity to get a global overview of inequality issues, and to understand how this phenomenon manifests itself and its key causes and factors are. I hope to utilise this scientific analysis of inequalities to identify pathways to potential solutions in the context of my country, and at a global level.

I am Senegalese’s Civil Society Organisation leader and I know this country extremely well, having built up personal relationships with different actors, administrative institutions, government officials, private sector leaders, social movements and those in the media. Through the AFp I hope to develop my own leadership position within my country to tackle inequalities and poverty as an activist deeply committed to social justice.

This programme will also allow me to contribute more efficiently to the OXFAM annual report on inequality, to address the annual Davos Economic Forum and other decision-making events in UN, World Bank – IMF, African union, ECOWAS, and in my own country.