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Ai-jen Poo on the Future of the Global Care Economy

  • Sheikh Zayed Theatre, London School of Economics and Political Science Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE (map)

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We have a complex relationship with care work. It sustains us and our entire global economy, but we often forget to consider who provides care and at what cost. Community organising, local and global campaigns, and efforts led by researchers, creatives and international organisations are focusing increasing attention on the alarming inequalities (re)produced by the global care economy. How can we challenge the conditions of precarity experienced by so many care workers around the world? How can we care forward together?

Care work is “the work that makes all other work possible”, Ai-jen Poo reminds us. As the Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Co-director of the Caring Across Generations campaign, she is driving transformative change on a global scale in the way we value care work.

In a conversation chaired by Professor Beverley Skeggs, Ai-jen will situate care within the global debate on inequalities and voice a vision for a more equitable care economy and future of work. The conversation will spark inspiration for pathways to imagine and bring about a different care economy in the future as well as awareness of tools and approaches to achieve transformative solidarity today.

This event at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre in the New Academic Building is hosted by the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme, based at the International Inequalities Institute.