III Annual Conference 2018

hosted by the University of Cape Town

Belmont Sq Conference Centre, Cape Town


14 June - Action for Equity Award presentation, 6 Spin Street, Church Square, Cape Town

15 June - III Annual Conference 2018, Belmont Square Conference Centre, Cape Town

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How can we better understand the unemployment-inequality nexus and explore effective and scalable solutions for Africa?   

There has been a close relationship between trends in unemployment and inequality in Africa in recent years - with both remaining extremely high. Unemployment is top development challenge for many African policy makers. With the youngest population in the world, the African continent can only expect greater pressure on its labour markets, as hundreds of millions of young Africans begin to explore development and growth opportunities across and beyond their communities.  

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  • What are the key drivers of inequalities in labour markets in Africa?
  • How can the labour markets offer effective solutions to widening economic and social inequalities?
  • What solutions lie beyond the labour market?

We are convening the International Inequalities Institute Annual Conference to explore these key issues with academics, policy makers, activists, and journalists from Africa and beyond. The Conference will feature multiple, dynamic formats for meaningful dialogue and networking among peers to devise and take back effective and actionable solutions to the growing inequality across Africa.

Our attendees will also be invited to the presentation of the Action for Equity Award, which rewards innovative actions to address inequality, celebrating and supporting the work of truly inspirational groups. This year the prize is looking for organisations working in South Africa to reduce the impact of the inequalities caused by the labour market.

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This promises to be a fantastic opportunity to engage with experts and social change leaders around inequality in African labour markets around the latest research and insights from grassroots and policy work to commit to real and lasting change.