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Johnny Miller

Living in: Cape Town, South Africa
Nationality: American

Johnny Miller is a photographer and filmmaker specialising in documentary projects. He is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and has extensive networks and knowledge of contemporary African and world issues. His focus is on the urban, cultural, and social issues facing humanity in a fast-changing world. He has received worldwide acclaim for his project Unequal Scenes, an aerial exploration of inequality in South Africa using drones.

Johnny is the founder of africanDrone, a non-profit dedicated to empowering African drone pilots who use drones for good, and  a News Fellow at Code For Africa, a non-profit dedicated to open networks and access to information throughout Africa. Johnny graduated from Dickinson College with a BA in Political Science.


Personal statement

I think everyone should be concerned about inequality, as the word itself conjures up an idea of justice. “They” are only unequal to “you”…so in essence, “we” are all responsible. I beleive that  if we want to create equitability in the world, the power rests with each and every one of us, our consumption habits, our outlook, our voting habits.

I’m interested in portraying inequality in architecture, urban planning, and design in creative and accessible ways. Oftentimes these inequalities are hidden to us, and through my project Unequal Scenes, I have attempted to showcase these hidden segregations via aerial photography. My focus is on  urban inequalities in the developing world, but I’m also interested in the Global North.

I applied to the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity because it will give me the support, structure, and resources I need to take my work further, while grounding myself in the academic principles of inequality which I hitherto have not had. In the future, I hope to lead and inspire artists, academics, and other interested, creative professionals to explore inequality through a variety of non-traditional means.