Nermin Oruc

Dr Nermin Oruc

Nationality: Bosnian

Lives in: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Nermin Oruč, has a bachelor’s from Sarajevo University (Economics), an MSc (Hons) from Staffordshire University (Economics), and a PhD in Economics from Staffordshire University. Nermin is currently Director at the Centre for Development Evaluation and Social Science Research, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has worked for eight years at the Universities SSST and International University of Sarajevo, where he taught Econometrics, Economic Development and Labour Economics. He was a Research Fellow at CERGE-EI, Prague (2012-2015). Nermin’s research focuses on social impact of migration and remittances in the Western Balkans. In addition, he is Team Leader of the BiHMOD team that develops a tax-benefits microsimulation model for Bosnia and Herzegovina based on EUROMOD.


Personal statement

I am member of a Visiting Atlantic Fellows team that will investigate the relationship between income inequality and different welfare state trajectories that the four countries of the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia. Slovenia) have chosen over the three decades since the country breakup. The project will examine how different reforms in the area of education and the labor market might have impacted the current diverging levels of income inequality in these four countries.

My particular interest is analysis of the effect of conflict on educational inequality, with a focus on ethnic and regional inequalities, which is of great relevance for all countries included in the study. The research will link my previous work on the effects of conflict and displacement on households in Bosnia including their educational outcomes, analysis of the effects of tax and benefits policies, and analysis of education and social mobility.