AFSEE walks together with the Elders and Fight Inequality Alliance

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity hosted the Elders and the Fight Inequality Alliance as they committed to #FightInequality. The Fellows were celebrated by the Elders group as Sparks of Hope, alongside the international activist groups that make up the Fight Inequality Alliance.

The evening’s discussions saw rousing debate between the experienced statesmen and their younger activist counterparts, including debates on how the younger generation can use the experience of their predecessors and the tools of the 21st century, and what the future holds for feminist activism after #MeToo.

Professor Bev Skeggs, Academic Director of the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity took to the stage alongside Graca Machel, Aya Chebbi, Ban Ki Moon, Njoki Njehu, Mary Robinson, Hector Castañón, and Ernesto Zedillo.

As part of a year-long, international campaign the Elders have been calling on the world to continue Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom. The #WalkTogether campaign has also called for freedom for peace, for health, and for justice.

You can watch the full event now.