AFSEE welcomes Fellows to build a global network

Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity recently connected with Fellows from programmes based around the world in Oxford. During a weekend of activities, including walks, dance, challenging conversations and quiet reflection, the Fellows began the process of developing a global network, allowing them to work collaboratively in the future.

After the weekend gathering, the AFSEE Fellows then invited their counterparts from South Africa and Australia to join them in London for a series of discussions around the origins of inequality and how the issues of ‘dispossession’ and land rights affects communities around the world.

These two gatherings helped to build a closer understanding between the Fellows, revealing common experiences and beliefs developed within very different social and cultural backgrounds. Such connection will enable a more effective and fruitful working relationship throughout the Fellows’ future careers.

All Atlantic Fellows from the six Atlantic Fellows programmes undertake an initial year of intensive learning, discussion and debate, leadership development, and communications skills. After this initial year they will become members of a global network of highly-informed individuals, who all bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the group, and who are absolutely dedicated to fighting inequality. The Atlantic Institute works to connect the Fellows and aid them in developing this community.