Tools for Change: the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity discuss activist tactics


What are the best methods for challenging the status quo? What role does art play in addressing inequality? Can we learn from past examples of successful campaign groups? What does civic mobilisation look like in different regions of the world?

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity came together once again in February to discuss the various tactics and approaches of activist organisations around the world. During their second week together, the group engaged with several top level academic panels - hearing from voices including Dr Jason Hickel, Dr Michael Amoah, Prof Mike Wayne, and Prof Francisco Panizza, - as well as from individuals such as Hicham Yezza, and the Nasty Women UK group. In all of these discussions, the Fellows presented alongside the invited speakers, offering either responses to the comments shared, or offering an alternative perspective from their own experience with, or understanding of, the key issues.


The week also offered a chance for the Fellows to truly come together as a community. They updated and advised one another on their ongoing individual work, shared ideas for possible future collaborative projects, and discussed the developing potential of the community of Fellows as they continue to work together beyond this first year of their Atlantic Fellows experience.

The group has shown again that they are connecting with one another with enthusiasm and warmth, forming a strong and supportive foundation for the Atlantic Fellows who will follow them on AFSEE programme in coming years. As the group continues to build such close links, both within and between the annual Fellows’ cohorts, so their collective voice promises to become stronger.