Poll results

During the breakout sessions delegates were asked to discuss the key issues as they understood them before presenting a potential solution. The groups discussed three topics:

  1. What is constraining participation in the labour market for young people?
  2. Decent work vs fuller employment: how can we use the informal economy to address inequality?
  3. Protecting young people in the labour market: the role of trade unions.

After the groups had reconvened, the audience were invited to collectively select which of the presented solutions seemed most potentially effective. The results of the poll were as follows:
















Create a new narrative around informal workers that recognises that it is not a binary, but a spectrum, and that different solutions are needed – all infused with the discourse of human rights

Champion alternative ways of offering credit access  for small businesses and informal workers, e.g. work done by Grameen Bank on micro-lending

Regulation that incentivises ethical behaviour, not just inclusive behaviour

Private business needs to recognise the macro-economic importance of youth protection in employment thus moving beyond the profit-first approach

People who are successful in gaining employment need to return to their communities, providing positive mentors and role models for finding work

Changing narratives on technical education

Encourage professional networks to allow people to find positive employment opportunities

Government intervention that enables a seamless ‘whole-child’ approach, including national early learning requirements

Helping to support entrepreneurship, through access to funding and capital

Address social norms around girls’ ambitions

Government needs to foster partnerships with the private sector

Address disillusionment among young people through centering them and their interests on raising aspirations around work in young people

Government needs to create benchmarks and gold standards as they are a key employer in the economy

Trade unions in Africa should identify and form alliances with other global supporters

Changing narratives on what parents believe is available for their children

Which proposed solution could be most effective?

Wordcloud formed from the questions submitted by the audience

Wordcloud formed from the questions submitted by the audience