Many people want to change the world, some only want to change themselves. We want people who will change themselves and the world. Only by changing themselves, through knowledge, skills, reflexivity, tenacity, vision and leadership will they be able to achieve the change that is needed to challenge the multi-dimensions of inequality that make daily life so difficult for many. Our programme will convert potential, our Fellows will set the agendas and lead the fight against inequality in the future.

We are exceedingly well placed to do this. Through our comprehensive and multi-faceted curriculum focused on social and economic equity, Fellows will be exposed to critical scholarship of an international calibre, not just from academics and practitioners at one of the world’s leading higher education institutions, but also from each other, developing connections between different global projects that extend tentacles throughout the world. They will produce projects to position themselves and their ideas within the field, to form a thriving community that will live on beyond the Fellowship experience itself.

The diffusion of knowledge and education have always been key forces pushing towards the reduction in inequality; the Atlantic Fellows programme offers a bold and exciting paradigm through which future changemakers can be equipped with the necessary insights and tools to chart a new way forward.

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The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme works to identify, prepare and connect cohorts of diverse, multidisciplinary and action-oriented leaders seeking comprehensive solutions to the structural and historic impediments that underpin inequalities globally.  Over the next 20 years the programme will support over 600 Fellows in developing innovative understandings of inequalities, and work toward finding real-world solutions.

Drawn from both academia and from organisations actively working to combat inequalities, these Fellows will provide a range of perspectives and insights to their work, regularly coming together to help broaden the scope of their research, deepen our understandings of the causes and crises of inequality, and ultimately to form a coherent and effective challenge.

Creating long-lasting impact, each of the Atlantic Fellowship tracks will come together to form an ongoing community of Fellows who will be able to support one another after the conclusion of their Fellowships, offering advice to the network of Fellows, collaborating on future work and leading the way in challenging inequalities.

Furthermore the Fellows will be a part of the wider Atlantic Fellows programme, bringing insights, expertise and collaboration from diverse regions and academic disciplines to tackle the greater challenges facing the world today.