The Atlantic Fellows

Atlantic Fellows are a global community of leaders –activists, artists, journalists, health professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers, lawyers, and others –working together across disciplines and borders to advance equity, justice and human dignity.

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme at the International Inequalities Institute is based at the London School of Economics and Political Science, one of the world's leading institutions for the social sciences, itself established to further the aim of bettering society, focusing on research into issues of poverty, inequality and related issues. 

Atlantic Fellows will be able to benefit from this active hub of research, joining academic and social events to interact, and share ideas, with the array of active academic research staff.


Based at



In order to include a truly global perspective, the III is working with the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town to design and deliver the programme for the Atlantic Fellows. From 2018 we will be working with the Centre for Social Cohesion and Conflict Studies in Chile. In future years additional partners in Asia will be included on the programme.


The University of Cape Town

Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance


The inclusion of Collaborative Partners from the third sector - charities, lobby groups, NGOs and campaign bodies - ensures the programme’s work has real-world relevance and enables access to the management and strategies of these organisations. AFSEE is supporting a number of projects and partnerships that bring tangible, real-world insights of the fight against inequality to the programme.

The Atlantic Fellows Global Community

Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity is one of six interconnected Atlantic Fellows programmes, which together will create a global community of leaders for a better world. 

The six programmes will all be supported by two further elements of the global community:

The Atlantic Institute

Based in Oxford, UK, the Atlantic Institute supports Fellows throughout their careers with opportunities
to meet, learn from one another and connect with the global Atlantic Fellows community.

Narrative Initiative

Images, symbols and stories reflect deep narratives about our world and who we are. Narratives can lead a nation to war and keep communities in poverty, but they can also dismantle bias and energize movements. The Narrative Initiative is a training and networking resource for Atlantic Fellows and social change leaders. The Initiative will develop Fellows’ understanding and capacity to use culture, language and stories that move hearts and minds.

Atlantic Philanthropies

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme is funded by a generous grant from the Atlantic Philanthropies. From its inception, The Atlantic Philanthropies have invested in people and in their vision, opportunity, and ability to realise a better world.

The Atlantic Philanthropies will invest over $600M, alongside other partner organizations and governments, to support the work of the global network of thousands of Atlantic Fellows over the next two decades, and beyond. This investment –in both the Atlantic Fellows and the institutions that will support and nurture them –is the foundation’s final and biggest bet ever.